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Special Delivery Details - Mother's Day, March 26th 2017

Updated @ 5pm March 25th. We are no longer taking orders for delivery on Mothers Day  Sunday March 26th. If you are looking for delivery to The Southside area of Dublin please call 01 2176100.  Otherwise please order for Monday or Tuesday delivery. ------- UPDATED @ 5pm March 23rd. We are now only guaranteeing orders placed for Dublin for Friday, Saturday & Sunday. If you place an order outside for outside of Dublin, we will do our best to get it delivered at some stage over the weekend but we cannot guarantee delivery of any order outside of Dublin placed after 5pm on March 23rd. ------- Please note the additional Mother's Day information for orders placed for delivery on March 24th, 25th & 26th 2017.

PLEASE ORDER FOR DELIVERY EARLY SO AS TO AVOID DISAPPOINTMENT 1. We will deliver your bouquet as fast as we physically can. If it is to a business or an office we will do this between 9am and 5.30pm. If you know that the person you are delivering to will not be there, please let us know what time they will be there at in the additional comments field. 2. Phoning us won't get your order delivered faster. Every year from 9am enthusiastic customers call us and ask us has the bouquet been delivered yet. Don't worry; you will be the first to know. We will update your order email with that information as soon as we know. 3. We may be delivering late in the day. We hope we won't be but as it's Mothers Day it can happen for some orders, and depending on the weather and traffic situation, we may be delivering some bouquets after hours. This is completely out of our control and we will do everything we can to ensure that this doesn't happen, but it's best to set your expectations now. That said, it's rare. 4. We won't be able to accommodate changes of addresses half way through the day. The address you have imputed is the address we will deliver to. If the recipient isn't at the address we apologise, but unfortunately that is outside of our control.

5. COUNTRY ORDERS  - To avoid disappointment order before Thursday March 23rd. Unfortunately Ireland no longer has a florist in every small town in the country therefore in some areas it is very difficult to locate a local florist that will accept the order for the value that you have paid. Also higher delivery fees may apply. Therefore to avoid us requesting more money from you we may in fact courier your order and have it delivered on Friday 24th. Normally we would notify all of our customers if this was occurring but at busy times such as Mother's Day we will not be able to do this. We feel that this is a better solution than disappointing you our customer.

Flower Delivery Information - Very Important

  We will do everything we can to make sure your flowers are successfully delivered as requested by you. Our job is made much easier when the following details are correct: Standard Delivery Conditions: The below information is critical to your order being delivered where you want and to whom you want. It is up to you to get it right.

Recipients Phone Number

Please provide us with a phone number for the recipient (preferably a mobile). Without this all bets are off. We will do our best but we cannot guarantee delivery.

Delivery Address

Please make sure the delivery address you provide is correct. If it is a house which is hard to find, please provide additional details in the "Additional Comments" field. Please ensure that the person will be home, especially if the recipient lives in an apartment.

Flower Delivery Times

We cannot guarantee specific delivery times; however, we do our best to accommodate realistic requests when planning our logistics. We will do our very best. Please let us know if someone is leaving work early, or if they won't be home until late etc.

Additional Information

In the shopping cart you will find a place for Additional Information field. This field is they so that you can help us help you. The more information you provide us about the location of the intended delivery address, the easier it is for us to get things right.

Nobody Home Policy

Our drivers tend to be logical people. They will do what makes sense depending on the situation they are face with if nobody is home. But generally speaking, this is what tends to happen:
  1. We will call the recipient (unless we are asked not too) and make arrangements with them.
  2. The next step we will take is to leave it with a neighbour and leave a Flowers Made Easy card in the door saying "Flowers left at number X"
  3. If all else fails we will bring it back to base and await further instructions from you, the sender.

Courier Deliveries

If a bouquet is being delivered by a courier, we will not be able to have the courier re routed or sent to a different address. If the driver doesn't find the recipient at home or has any issues in delivering, the bouquet will be brought back to their local depot where the recipient can collect the bouquet. Change of Address We don't accommodate changes of addresses half way through the day. The address you have imputed is the address we will deliver to. If the recipient isn't at the address we apologise, but unfortunately that is outside of our control.

Hospital Flower Deliveries

Please note that some hospitals, and some wards within other hospitals cannot accept flower deliveries. Please do your best to find out about your hospital before placing your order.

Funeral Flower Deliveries

Funeral Flowers are guaranteed. Please provide as much information as is possible in the Additional Comments field. We will look after the rest.

Urgent Flower Deliveries

We can sometimes arrange last minute flower orders. Please call us on 00 353 1 2176100 to see what we can do.


Same Day Flower Delivery This service is carried out by Flowers Made Easy where possible, or by our handpicked network of local florists around the world, where the address falls outside of our own delivery areas.

Next Day Flower Delivery

For Flower Deliver anywhere on the Island of Ireland, next day delivery is completed centrally from Flowers HQ in Sandyford, Dublin. This ensures that we can provide a top notch product delivered directly by Flowers Made Easy to you recipient.

Public / Bank Holiday Flower Delivery

Unfortunately we are closed on public holidays but only in the country where the public holiday effects. Click here for a list of these days for the different countries.

 Sunday Flower Delivery

We are closed on Sundays except for Mothers Day. Mothers Day in Ireland is the 6th of March, 2016.

International Flower Delivery

Flowers Made Easy have a presence in the following countries: United Kingdom Ireland Australia New Zealand America We also have partners all over the world so International Delivery is no problem for most countries, if you want to check, give us a call on 0035312176100 We also have a handpicked network of partner florists in every corner of the world. For International Deliveries click here: International Flower Delivery    

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