Ethical Flowers

Our Commitment                                                                                                             Ethical Flowers

We do everything we can to have happy customers, happy people and happy flowers.

Flowers Made Easy always does it's very best when it comes to the environment, sustainability and ethics. We do this through several initiatives, including, recycling, sponsorship, charitable donations and when it comes to flowers, pushing our suppliers for Fairer Flowers.

A new initiative was set up in 2006 called the Fair Flowers Fair Plants Association. Flowers Made Easy, based solely in Ireland at the time, were the first company in Ireland to adopt the FFP Logo and has pushed the concept since then.

What does it mean?

It means that we buy FFP flowers and plants where possible to ensure that we do everything we can to ensure that the our flowers are traceable and that the companies we deal with are accountable.

Fair Flowers Fair Plants

This is what Fair Flowers Fair Plants say about themselves:

Fair Flowers Fair Plants

Fair Flowers Fair Plants (FFP) is a young but established initiative to stimulate the production and trade of flowers and plants cultivated in a sustainable manner: flowers and plants grown in a way that respects people and the environment.

These products are presented to consumers under the label FFP. Sustainably cultivated products are important for our living environment, since their cultivation puts as low a burden as possible on the environment, and good working conditions within the enterprises are guaranteed.

What is the international producers standard of Fair Flowers Fair Plants?

> Environmental growers certification The company is certified at MPS-A or comparable level. MPS (Milieu Programma Sierteelt) is an international organization that develops and controls labels for the horticultural industry. > Social certification The company meets the requirements of the International Code of Conduct. Producers can participate conditionally in Fair Flowers Fair Plants when they have acquired one of the two necessary certifications and have committed themselves to obtain the missing certification within 1 year. Conditionally accepted can be participants with: 1. environmental certification at MPS-A or comparable level + the commitment to obtain the social certification within 1 year 2. environmental certification at MPS-B or comparable level + social certification + the commitment to upgrade the environmental certification to MPS-A or comparable level within 1 year.